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Case In Point Newsletters
by Dan Dannheisser, Personal Injury Attorney

Preserving Your Right to Your $10,000 PIP Medical Benefits

The legislative intent behind Florida’s original Personal Injury Protection statute (Fla.Stat. 627.736 was to insure your ability to purchase needed medical care immediately following an auto collision. This coverage is a benefit of the policy that you pay for. Until recently every Florida insured driver, passenger, or pedestrian had a right to $10,000 in coverage earmarked solely for your medical needs and wage losses. It was a simple process. If you were injured in a motor vehicle collision your insurance company was required to provide these benefits. That has now changed!

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Brain Injuries Caused by Auto Collisions:
A Common Injury Too Frequently Overlooked

Brain injuries are predictable outcomes of motor vehicle collisions but are too frequently overlooked.  The brain floats in fluid within the skull.  Auto collision impacts cause abrupt change in acceleration or deceleration and thrust the brain forward and backward striking against the inside of the skull.  The impacted portion of the brain is bruised and bleeding. In more serious cases, the brain’s sensory and motor neurons are destroyed. 

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The New PIP Statute: What it is. What it is not.

For more than 40 years Florida law has required every insurance policy providing coverage in the state of Florida to provide personal injury protection to the named insured, the insured’s resident relatives, persons operating the insured vehicle, passengers in the vehicle, and pedestrians struck and injured by the vehicle. The intent of the statute was to ensure that every injured person had the access to immediate emergency and short-term medical care when injured in a motor vehicle collision.

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